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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

had dinner with boon yesterday night at the arch(don't know the restaurant's name, first time there. lol) after sending ying off. creamy chicken mushroom pasta is nice! want to try the carbonara next time. hehe.

results are coming out soon. =/ A'Level exam in about 2 months+ time. really need to start studying now. this will be the last chance. will be on hiatus til exam is over. this blog is dead anyway. haha.

mommy's cotton cheese cake is yummy! haha. my mom keeps on nagging me for not wanting to learn baking and cooking. will start learning when i have the time. hehe.

boony, i'll be seeing u again soon. hopefully. (:


Monday, 10 August 2009

boony boon boon, if u happen to read this. i've lot of things to tell you. some catch up between the two of us soon? when can i see you? imissyouuu!

Oh btw, have you accept the scholarship?

talk to you soon! take care. *hugs*


thank you for the bbq, ric! will pay you the money soon. and thank you for accompanying me, sherwin. or else i might fall asleep on the way home after sending aipeng.

you make me feel like you're so racist =/ sorry to say that, but from my pov, you just are!

results are pretty much disappointed except for GP.

signing off,

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Thursday, 30 July 2009

I'm done with my ACQ and there's 17 more minutes to go. Instead of sitting down doing nothing, i'm here blogging! hehe. qualifying exam is going to end soon with 1 more paper to go! and it's stats paper 7.

Surprisingly i managed to survive after all this exam. but 1 thing for sure, the result... can i pass all my papers? idk.

another thing has something to do with ucas. i haven't start with my PS. why? cos i do not know what course to apply for. can anyone help me please :(

Off i go to do my maths now.

peijin ):

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


just here to recommend you guys 2 albums that i'm currently up to: 徐佳瑩《La La首张创作专辑》& 小宇《就站在这里》.

失落沙洲 by 徐佳瑩 is nice, basically, i think that the whole album is awesome! HAHA! =P i don't know about you guys. As for me, i can actually listen to the whole album non-stop for more than 3 times. lol.

就站在这里by小宇也不错喔! 爱上by小宇 is nice too. r&b.first heard of him was when he releases his 《终于说出口》album.



Saturday, 4 July 2009

first of all, i apologise for letting my blog to be in a dead condition for 2 months. i had my june 'As' exam to prepare. hehe. was blank and had nothing to blog about. i had already finished watching 敲敲愛上你. The ending was okayy. lol. but i expect more though.

3 weeks of holidays are going to end in 2 days time =/ my head is going to burst when i get back to school. so much more to study and qualifying exam is like 2 weeks after school reopen?! i did nothing productive during the holidays besides completing my chemistry presentation and physics homework. first week of holiday is a waste cos my cousins from KL came. Don't even bother to touch the books. haha.

i went for the 'leadership and team building' activities on the 14th at Tasek Lama. BARA was ok. besides getting certificate from them, they left me a scar on my fingers due to blisters T.T hope that it's going to disappear. haha. MONKEY ROCKS! lol. although we lost =/

Something was distracting me recently. I once felt guilty for what i did when i was still young and innocent. My aunt told me that i always fight with her for toys and i once hit her head with barbie doll =/ i used to be very close to her, maybe because of our age. We shared almost everything. I still cannot believe what she did to my aunt's family, a family which was once happy and peaceful. and now... she was not being the real her for the past 19 years. yeap, we're of the same age but she's elder than me by 8 months. I was shocked when my mom told me. My mom actually want to keep this as a secret and not telling me but she thinks that i should know. Not only me, everyone who is related to her and who knows what happened, is shock.

My youngest aunt was mad. how mad? mad til she actually went to KL to bring her back to miri. My 2nd aunt was treating her nice. Bought her anything, guess watch, esprit's, elle's and all those branded clothes. Let her work at my aunt's husband's clinic for extra earning. Once wanted to fully support her study. a girl who scored 11A's for her form 5, having a bright future, but now all is nothing. i don't think i'll ever go down to miri anymore. I do not know how to face her. what should i say when i saw her. I don't have the right to say anything.

what else can i say? disappointed.unbelievable.

peijin (:

the brother is back for quite a while already :D